Marietta Czudakowa has died

Marietta Czudakowa has died
It is with deep regret that we received the information about the death of Marietta Czudakowa - literary scholar, literary critic and writer. Prof. Czudakowa twice visited the International Cultural Center at meetings as part of the "Polish-Russian dialogue" series, sharing with us and the guests of the ICC with their knowledge about Mikhail Bulhakov and Russian literature.

Marietta Czudakowa was the author of over 200 scientific works and articles on the history of 20th century literature, the history of philology and literary criticism. She was especially interested in the history of Russian literature of the Soviet era (above all in the works of Bulgakov, Zoshchenko, and Zamiatin), the history of Russian philology, archival studies and textology. Chairwoman of the Bulgakov Foundation and it is to her that we owe the first scientific biography of the writer.
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