Use heritage! Lessons on cultural heritage online

We invite primary and secondary school teachers to enroll their classes for free lessons on cultural heritage online. Meetings with ICC educators at home is a way to better understand issues related to tangible and intangible heritage, multiculturalism, civil society and practical knowledge on how to use cultural resources online. All you need is Internet access.

Classes will be run by experienced educators who carry out our program for children and young people on a daily basis. During the classes we will use multimedia presentations, quizzes and games that will make the meeting engaging. How to book a lesson about heritage online?

  • Please select one of the lesson topics from the list below.
  • The dates of the course can be booked by calling 509 333 360 or by writing to the address
  • Reservation is possible from Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm.
  • We run classes at a time convenient for the group.
  • The person conducting the lesson will send the teacher an e-mail with a link to the platform on which the classes will be conducted. The link should be shared with students.
  • Participation in online classes is possible via any device with Internet access, i.e. computer, telephone or tablet.
  • The teacher will receive from us all necessary information about the classes. Heritage lessons take approximately 45-60 minutes (typically 45 minutes, but lessons may take longer due to technical problems).
Lesson subjects on heritage online

Heritage from scratch
Classes relate to basic concepts related to heritage. Their task is to make participants aware of what heritage is, how to protect it and what threatens it. Classes teach the basics, distinction between tangible and intangible heritage and introduce the list of Polish monuments inscribed on the UNESCO list.

My little homeland - local heritage
Classes relate to basic concepts related to local heritage. Their goal is to make participants aware of what heritage is in the local aspect, as well as to show various ways to protect it. The essence of the classes will be the concept of "small homeland" as a place of a special nature.

Multicultural Krakow
Classes will be devoted to multiculturalism and how to define it. We will tell you about historical events that over the centuries have had a special impact on Krakow's multiculturalism.

Heritage on the web
Classes easily explain the possibilities of using the cultural heritage available on the web. Educators will explain the rules for using materials shared under Creative Commons licenses, as well as show where they can be found.

Krakow - the city of kings (primary schools: classes 0-III and IV-VIII and secondary schools)
Why Krakow is Krakow? Which king was the first to be crowned in Wawel? In what year was the Jagiellonian University founded? And how did it happen that the capital was moved to Warsaw? In virtual reality, students will have the opportunity to visit one of the oldest cities in Poland, see places such as the Main Square, St. Mary's Church, the Wawel Castle and the famous Royal Road. Educators will conduct classes in an active way, engaging participants to learn more than a thousand years of the city's history.

This form of classes is new to us, so we will be grateful for any feedback that will allow us to improve the on-line educational offer. We will gladly answer additional questions. For this purpose, please contact Angelika Madura by email:
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