Trondheim and Its Museums

Situated in central Norway, the Trøndelag Region is considered the cradle of Norwegian statehood. Its capital is the city of Trondheim: the historic capital of the country and at the same time the site of the coronations of all the monarchs of Norway to this day. The city is also an academic centre, and the country’s third largest city (behind only Oslo and Bergen).

The museums of the Trøndelag Region (Museene i Sør-Trøndelag) were established in 2008. They consist of nine branches united by a single management. Their director, Suzette Paasche, will discuss the way in which Norway and Trondheim are trying to establish a shared vision of development for the museums of musical instruments, art, industry, applied art, documentation of transformations in contemporary pop music, maritime museum, and an open-air museum, also mentioning ways of collaborating with other museums, and combining the high level of the collections gathered and international cooperation with attracting the local community and including them in the life of the museum.

How to adapt, organise, and develop a new model of museum in the city? How to manage effi ciently a complex of various types of museums gathered under a single brand? These are the questions that face museums in many Polish cities.

Suzette Paasche – Master in Public Administration, economist, HR specialist. Since 2009 – director of the Museum of South- Trøndelag region as, mist. Previously director of student’s services at the Norwegian University of Technology and director of the district administration in the city of Trondheim.

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