Landscape thinking

March 15, 6 p.m.
Landscape thinking
A meeting with Bartosz Haduch, Jarosław Kozakiewicz and Jan Kubec; moderated by Ewa P. Porębska
Admission free, a lecture in Polish

“Landscape thinking” understood as a specific type of design is a unique characteristic which permeates contemporary Norwegian architecture. It is clearly encountered in the works of Sverr Fehn, the master of Norwegian architecture, as well as in the designs by the new generation of architects such as Helen & Hard, Jensen & Skodvin or Snøhetta. Closely following the principles of sustainable architecture, i.e. a kind of architecture that supports sustainable development of the natural environment and its users, the works associated with sustainable architecture can be characterised as borderline designs welcoming different realms of art: architecture, site-specific art and sculpture. Nature is not any longer considered a background, but an equal partner as well as a source of inspiration. The example of the National Opera and Ballet in Oslo (the shape of the edifice reminds one of a glacier and the mountainous areas in the nearest vicinity of the Norwegian capital city) is a proof of how such buildings can merge with its surroundings and, consequently, become a dominant which organises and puts the given space in order. On the other hand, the projects carried out within the framework of the governmental initiative entitled the Norwegian National Tourist Routes such as a parking site in Eggum (2007, the Lofoten route) by Snøhetta, or the Gudbrandsjuvet view platform (2010, the Geiranger-Trollstigen) by Jensen & Skodvin show how – by creative application of the principles of the so-called land-art and other trends – one can create objects which only wish to remain the ‘setting’ for the natural environment. This is why the exhibition entitled Contemporary Norwegian Architecture 2005-2010 which features a number of the before-mentioned designs will serve as a starting point for a discussion on the role of landscape thinking in shaping architectural forms as well as creating proper spatial context for the latter. Our panellists: Jan Kubec, Bartłomiej Haduch and Jarosław Kozakiewicz will not only present the best projects, but will debate on the future of this kind of architecture. The meeting will be chaired and moderated by Ewa P. Porębska.

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