Košice modernism, or about the phenomenon of place

2016-10-06, 6:00 p.m.

6.10 (Thursday), 18.00    
Košice modernism, or about the phenomenon of place – a lecture by Natalia Żak within the cycle Art in Slovakia in the interwar period accompanying the exhibition Košice Modernism.

An attempt at characterising the phenomenon of Košice mod­ernism, focused on its urban nature. Such perspective will provide an opportunity to present the unique character of Košice, a place with a long multi‑ethnic tradition, and to pin­point the themes drawn from the urban iconography in the paint­ings by local artists – themes invoking urban lifestyle and leisure modes. These issues will be supplemented with a description of Košice modernism in architecture, combining elements of func­tionalism with traditional and vernacular features.

NATALIA ŻAK – art historian, curator of exhibitions in Poland and abroad. An employee of the International Cultural Centre, where she has been involved in preparing such exhibitions as M.K. Čiurlionis. Lithuanian Tale, Masters of Dreams.

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