Jubilee weekend at the ICC

2021-05-29 - 2021-05-30
Jubilee logotypes for the 30th anniversary of the ICC
The birthday of the International Cultural Centre, on the last weekend of May, was organized in a way that, on the one hand, allowed people to meet personally at the headquarters at the Main Market Square, in compliance with the applicable safety rules, and on the other hand, connect with all those who would like to take part in the event remotely.


Saturday, May 29th
  • 19.00 – online concert Music Bridge. Klezmer Orchestra of the Sejny Theater for the birthday of the ICC, connecting Krakow with the "Borderland - of arts, cultures, nations" Centre in Sejny. The performance was broadcasted on the Play Kraków platform and the ICC profile on Facebook.

Saturday, Sunday May 29th–30th
To take part in the guided tour, you needed to collect a ticket and then purchase an admission ticket to the Gallery.


12.00  https://app.evenea.pl/event/2905-1200/

14.00 https://app.evenea.pl/event/2905-1400/

16.00 https://app.evenea.pl/event/2905-1600/

18.00 https://app.evenea.pl/event/2905-1800/



12.00 https://app.evenea.pl/event/3005-1200/

14.00 https://app.evenea.pl/event/3005-1400/

16.00 https://app.evenea.pl/event/3005-1600/

18.00 https://app.evenea.pl/event/3005-1800/

  • at 12.00-16.00 - art workshops for the youngest, in the historic basement of the Centre, with epidemic restrictions
  • bookstore in the "Under the Ravens" room – promotional prices of the books of the ICC Publishing House and posters from the exhibition Plants and animals. Atlases of natural history in the age of Linnaeus
  • a surprise gift has been prepared for the visiting guests
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