In the shadow of Magritte

April 26, 6 p.m.
Paul Nougé: in the shadow of Magritte
A lecture by Marc Quaghebeur

Paul Nougé is a man responsible for the Brussels Surrealism boasting a set of clearly distinctive features and, consequently, being considerably different from its French counterpart. Nougé deliberately remained in the shadow of others, though he was an extraordinary artist and individual capable of stimulating other artists in a thoroughly unparalleled manner. He gathered a large number of modernists around himself, including one René Magritte. They remained friends for over thirty years. If one hopes to understand why Magritte has become a symbol of aesthetic, ethical and political shift pursued by the artists of the circle, one needs to turn to and study carefully both an extraordinary personality and works of Paul Nougé.
Marc Quaghebeur is a director of the Archives and Museum of Literature in Brussels.
Free entrance. Lecture in French translated into Polish.
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