ICC in solidarity with Belarus

ICC in solidarity with Belarus. The flag of Belarus hanging at the entrance to the ICC tenement house
On March 25th, on the anniversary of the proclamation of the independent Belarusian People's Republic, Belarus Freedom Day is celebrated – a holiday not recognized by the government of Alexander Lukashenka, but remembered by Belarusian society, in particular by the circles of the independent democratic opposition.

Like many Polish cultural institutions, taking part in the #LightForBelarus campaign for the second time, today we express our symbolic support for Belarusians, for many months with courage and determination manifesting their democratic and freedom aspirations.

For thirty years, the International Cultural Centre has been building bridges of understanding between cultures, nations and people. Our role is to maintain ties, support the policy of good neighborliness and mutual respect. The idea of ​​the subjectivity of Poland's eastern neighbors, bulit by Jerzy Giedroyc and Juliusz Mieroszewski long before the first scratches appeared on the communist monolith, remains unchanged in our actions. It claims that Polish independence is stable and unchallenged only when there are independent Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania alongside Poland.
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