Hungarians at the ICC – Day of Polish-Hungarian Friendship

Pitcher, 1898–1899, probably Tadeusz Sikorski, stoneware, eosin, Janus Pannonius Múzeum
March 23 is the Day of Polish-Hungarian Friendship

The International Cultural Centre constantly and for a long time tells in its projects, books and the quarterly "HERITO" about Hungary - the state, society, its identity, culture and position in Central Europe.

The first Hungarian exhibition, entitled 'Hungarian Artists. Imre Bukta, Károly Halász ”, the ICC presented to the public in 1996. The last one, from 2017, presented Art Nouveau ceramics produced by the Zsolnoy manufactory.

However, in the twenty years between these two events, Hungary has appeared on the Centre's agenda many times, incl. in 2000, when the exhibition "Made In Hungary. Hungarian Photographers 1919–1956 ”, during which one of the most important heroes was Martin Munkácsi – an outstanding photographer who made his career in Germany and the United States. His works will be on display soon, during the exhibition “More than Bauhaus. German photography between the wars and Polish parallels ”, which will be made available to the public in Spring 2021.




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