Honoris Causa doctorate of the Lviv Polytechnic for Professor Jacek Purchla

Professor Jacek Purchla, director of the International Cultural Centre, was granted the Honoris Causa Doctorate of the Lviv Polytechnic, the highest honour that a university can bestow upon a scholar. This event is a confirmation of the appreciation of the Lviv academic community for Professor Purchla’s achievements of international scope undertaken within three fields: art history, architectural history, and protection of cultural heritage. In its unanimously passed bill, the Senate of the Lviv Polytechnic National University recalled the Professor’s role in initiating then pioneering research on Lviv’s architecture and urban design in the 19th and 20th century, as well as on the development of the capital city of Galicia. Nearly 50 publications, authored or co-authored by Professor Purchla, were dedicated to the development of Lviv and its architecture, as well as to the role of the Lviv Polytechnic in shaping of the cultural landscape of both Lviv and Galicia. Moreover, the Senate emphasised Professor Purchla’s role as the Chairperson of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

To justify its decision to grant Professor Purchla with this honourable title, the Senate addressed his longtime efforts to bring Poles and Ukrainians together through initiating their dialogue, open discussion and collaboration, but above all, through fostering the attitude of mutual respect and understanding. This work brought tangible effects in the form of organised conferences, seminars, and exhibitions, as well as educational programmes and fellowships that have been organised by the International Cultural Centre, involving many representatives of the Lviv Polytechnic.
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