HERITO: 12th issue

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Rumunia – Romania – România

Issue 12 of the quarterly "Herito" can be thought of as an integral collection of history, heritage, identity and culture of contemporary Romania, as written about by Lucian Boia, Traian Ungureanu, Dan Lungu, Marius Stan, Octavian Logigan and Olga Bartosiewicz, who try to answer the question “Why is Romania different?” by taking a closer look at its history, complicated transformation and sometimes paradoxical modernity. Valentina Iancu, Jakub Kornhauser, Olga Bartosiewicz, Małgorzata Rejmer and Łukasz Galusek write about literature, cinema and the plastic arts, which make Romania famous all over the world. Tomasz Ogiński and Corina Bucea present the Museum of the Romanian Peasant in Bucharest and the Paintbrush Factory in Cluj – ventures which have transformed Romania's cultural map. Claudio Magris, Michał Korta, Adam Burakowski and Wojciech Bonowicz recommend significant books and interesting artists. Dieter Schlesak writes about the civilisation of the Transylvanian Saxons, the pitfalls of the 20th century history, the end of a nation and German-Romanian literature as a form of life after life.

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