Lecture by Prof. David Throsby

2019-11-18, 5:00 p.m.
How to value creativity? What is cultural capital really? Can culture be commodified and subordinated to market requirements? How to understand the cultural industries? What is the sustainable management of cultural heritage? Why do we need an understanding of the economic dimension of culture and the cultural context of the economy? We invite you to a lecture by David Throsby, a world-renowned specialist in cultural economics from Macquarie University in Sydney.

Until recently, economists paid little attention to the role of culture in economic development. The economics of culture by David Throsb, although it was created almost two decades ago, has already gained the status of a classical position (it appeared in Poland in 2010).

David Throsby skillfully combines two seemingly separate worlds, showing that it is impossible to imagine economic reflection without taking into account the cultural context and that culture cannot exist independently of the economy. To understand this, you should not only leave the trenches of your own camp, but also learn concepts that allow you to understand the interlocutor.

David Throsby - economist, professor at Macquarie University in Sydney, specialist in the field of cultural economics. Former chairman of the Association for Cultural Economics International. Member of the editorial board of The International Journal of Cultural Economics. He advised Australian government agencies and international organizations (UNESCO, OECD, FAO, World Bank, UNCTAD). Author, among others "The Economics of Cultural Policy", editor of the book "Handbook of the Economics of Art and Culture" (together with Victor A. Ginsburgh) which is the most complete contemporary compendium of knowledge in the field of cultural economics (the book was published in Poland in 2010 thanks to the efforts of the National Center for Culture translated by Olga Siara).

The meeting is co-organized by the International Congress of Value Economics  Open Eyes Economy Summit  implemented by the GAP Foundation at the Cracow University of Economics. The partner of the meeting is the City of Krakow.


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