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Go on a walking tour with the ICC and discover the (un)known heritage of the city

2023-09-30, 12:00 a.m.
Boulevards on the Vistula. A fragment of a wall and trees. A girl observes the landscape through binoculars.

We encourage you to take part in a series of city walking tours, organised between May and September. We are going to visit the following city districts: Krowodrza, Dębniki, Podgórze, Zwierzyniec, Kazimierz, Nowa Huta. We will also stop at the Krakow Main Square.


We invite you to discover Krakow with us!


Practical information:

Duration: about 90 minutes

The participation is free.

Pre-booking required at the Evenea portal. You can book the tour two weeks in advance.

We invite everyone: children, adults, senior adults, and families with their pets.




20 May 12:00 pm

“Allegories hidden in modernist architecture”

Meeting point:: 2 Józefitów Streen

Pre-booking required via https://app.evenea.pl/event/spacer2005/ 

3 June, 12:00 pm

“About the ghetto in Krakow

Meeting point: 1 Rynek Podgórski
Pre-booking required via https://app.evenea.pl/event/spacer0306/


17 June, 12:00 pm

“A walk along the Wistula old river bed”

Meeting point: 9 Blich 9, Street, beside the railway bridge

Pre-booking required via https://app.evenea.pl/event/spacer1706/


1 July, 12:00 pm

“Enchanted by Zwierzyniec”

Meeting point: Aleja Kasztanowa, beside Kopalina bus stop

Pre-booking required via: https://app.evenea.pl/event/spacer0107/

15 July, 12:00 pm

“Dębniki. The city of villas and bats”

Meeting point: 2 Powroźnicza Street, old Beata Matejkówna’s manor

More information
Pre-booking required via:

29 July, 12:00 pm 

“Podgórze. The city longed-for”

Meeting point: 12 Rynek Podgórski
More information
Pre-booking required via: https://evenea.pl/pl/wydarzenie/spacer2907 


5 August 12:00 pm

“Nowa Huta. History, art, and architecture”

Meeting point: Ratuszowy Park, beside the sculpture “Fish” by Wiesław Bielak
Pre-booking required via: https://evenea.pl/pl/wydarzenie/spacer0508 


19 August, 12:00 pm

„On the ashes. The fire from 1850”

Meeting point: 17 Rynek Główny 17, beside Hetmańska House
Pre-booking required via: https://evenea.pl/pl/wydarzenie/spacer1908


16 September, 12:00 pm

“The Galician ring in Krakow”

Meeting point: Rynek Główny 25, “Pod Kruki” House
Pre-booking required via: https://evenea.pl/pl/wydarzenie/spacer1609 


30 September, 12:00 pm

“Kazimierz in Krakow. The Jewish district before the 2nd World War”

Meeting point: 24 Szeroka 24 Streen, on the square in front of the Old Synagogue
Pre-booking required via: https://evenea.pl/pl/wydarzenie/spacer3009


More information: Agata Klejzerowicz, e-mail: a.klejzerowicz@mck.krakow.pl


Please be advised that during the events photos may be taken for the needs of the International Cultural Center in Krakow (including for documentation and information on the ICC website and on the ICC profiles on Facebook and Instagram. ). If you do not agree to this, please inform us in advance. Photos may contain images of people participating in the events. Failure to provide written or oral information to the ICC worker before the start of an event is tantamount to consent to the use of the above-mentioned photos by the International Cultural Center in Krakow.

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