Gloria Artis for Prof. Władysław Stróżewski


Professor Władysław Stróżewski was awarded the “Gloria Artis” medal. The ceremony took place on April 22, 2015 at the International Cultural Centre in Krakow. “Professor Stróżewski is a co-founder and collaborator of our institution. Truth, goodness, and beauty have always been among the basic tenets of his reflections and his practice” – stated Professor Jacek Purchla, the Director of the ICC. “I am forced to ask the question which is always posed by those who are awarded and those who are condemned: what did I do to deserve it?” – asked Professor Stróżewski, as always modest and cordial. This question – rhetorical as it was, for each of the numerous participants of the ceremony at the “Ravens Hall” could have given substantial justification for the award – has become the leitmotif of the ceremony.

What was the award for? For the Professor’s reflection on arts, for his unquestionable authority as an academic and as a person, and for the artistic quality of his thought.

On behalf of Professor Małgorzta Omilanowska and the award Jury the “Gloria Artis” Medal for Merit to Culture was granted by Jacek Olbrycht, the Director General at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. He emphasised that as a person Professor Stróżewski best represents the qualities that he made the subject of his research.


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