Gdańsk – history and memory of the city

May 23, 2013, 6 p.m.
Gdańsk – history and memory of the city
A meeting with Peter Oliver Loew

We invite to a debate based on Peter Oliver Loew’s book Gdańsk i jego przeszłość. Kultura historyczna miasta od końca XVIII wieku do dzisiaj [Gdańsk and its past: historical culture of the city from the end of the 18th century until today] attended by the author and professors Andrzej Chwalba, Krzysztof Zamorski and Jacek Purchla.

The discussion will be based on following topics: the role of Gdańsk in the historical, mental and political Polish-German discourse • Gdańsk’s past and its supra-regional historical sig-nificance • a place where influences of two nations were intertwined • the drama of its history and its place in world literature or con-temporary political iconography as generators of new mythopoeic impulses.

Peter Oliver Loew – is a historian and researcher of culture, author of books and articles on the history of Gdańsk, Poland and Polish-German relations. He is the Scientific Vice-director of the Deutsches Polen-Institut in Darmstadt, and teaches at the universities of Mainz and Darmstadt. His book Gdańsk i jego przeszłość was published by słowo/obraz terytoria.

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