April 1, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Contemporary Norwegian Architecture 2005–2010

12 p.m. - guided exhibition tour (in Polish)
4 p.m. - guided exhibition tour (in English)
4 p.m. - Why are Polish houses so very pretty? The concept of beauty in residential architecture of Poland in the 20th century; a lecture by Dr Michał Wiśniewski - the designs featured at the exhibition (including those related to residential architecture) are characterised by some extraordinary sense of space, high-quality materials, top-notch finishing touches, simplicity and refined aesthetic qualities. The exhibition encourages one to reflect upon the beauty of contemporary architecture and its various manifestations that surround us. A presentation by Dr Michał Wiśniewski attempts to analyse Polish residential buildings and to answer the question posed in the title of his lecture. Perhaps, April Fools’ Day, which this year falls on the day of the exhibition finisage, will help us to decide whether the act of looking at the public space in Poland makes one laugh or cry.
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