Exhibition: Václav Havel Close at Hand

2014-05-07 - 2014-09-07
May 7 – September 7
Václav Havel Close at Hand
The ICC Medieval Cellars

The exhibition’s main character is Václav Havel – an iconic dissident, statesman, writer and playwright – seen through the medium of photography and images taken over the period of several decades. Oldřich Škácha is a photographer who accompanied Havel for over 30 years. The photographic material that Škácha collected results in a unique portrait of an extraordinary man. The images do not only document Havel’s public activities but also reveal his other, private self. Consequently, they contribute to creating a multifaceted and intimate portrait of Havel. At the same time, the display becomes a testament to the times in which Havel lived: the period of change and transformation.

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