Exhibition: The Myth of Galicia

2014-10-10 - 2015-03-08
The Myth of Galicia
From October 10, 2014 in the ICC Gallery

Galicia is no longer here. It disappeared from the map of Europe in 1918 together with the dissolution of the Austrian-Hungarian empire, whose province it had been. Yet, it still exists in the consciousness and collective memory of the present inhabitants of the region. It is an imagined space to which they still feel emotionally and psychologically attached. The heritage of Galicia is a phenomenon of diversity, which today means the polyphony of memory dominated by numerous myths.

This condition is presented by the exhibition devised as a multi-plot story that confronts mythic images with history and the perspective of different nations entangled in it. This confrontation reveals various meanings of Galicia for Poles, Ukrainians, Austrians, and Jews. They together form the picture of how the myth of Galicia functions in shared consciousness and how its contemporary version is shaped.

The unique exhibits gathered at the exhibition (paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs, documents, and maps from several dozens of private and museum collections from Poland, Austria, and Ukraine) do not create a chronicle of the history of this province, but they refer the viewers to a peculiar imagined territory – the mythologised, ambiguous, and contradictory memory of Galicia.

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