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As part of the ECHOCAST Polska program, providing training for employees of cultural institutions, a new module Engaging the Audience has been created. The International Cultural Centre was one of eight institutions involved in its creation.

The training is dedicated to museum educators and guides, as well as curators, reconstructors and all people involved in education in museums. Its aim is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills related to the creation and implementation of various types of educational activities, as well as guided tours of museums and heritage interpretation.

Museologists, educators from national museums, co-run cultural institutions and local government museums with a diverse collection profile worked on its compactness. Thanks to teamwork, it was possible to develop comprehensive training materials, enabling the effective preparation of museum employees to guiding visitors and conducting educational classes.

The creation of the Engaging the Audience module was preceded by a study the aim of which was to diagnose educational needs and the solutions applied to increase competences in the field of museum education. Before starting the training, good practices in the organization of educational activities in selected Polish museums were identified. Taking into account the research results and the existing educational solutions, the content of the module was developed, which allows to prepare museum employees in a practical way to involve the public in the heritage interpretation process.

Training scope:

  • characteristics of the museum: aims and types of museums, getting to know the vision and mission of the institution, educational role of museums
  • museum education: characteristics and goals of museum education, theories of knowledge and learning in museum practice, methods of working with audiences of various ages
  • communication: effective communication tools, workshop of a good speaker
  • work with a group and its guardian
  • solving difficult situations and coping with stress
  • building a story

Duration of training: 3 days

For whom:

museum educators, guides, curators and all persons conducting educational activities in museums
people starting their educational adventure with the audience
people with extensive knowledge of the museum's collection, who have not undergone training in museum education

The authors of the module: Dorota Bill-Skorupa, Aleksandra Głowacz, Barbara Gołębiowska, Magdalena Jabłońska-Nowak, Katarzyna Liwak-Rybak, Angelika Madura, Agnieszka Piórkowska, Bożena Pysiewicz.

Institutions involved in the development of the module

The National Museum in Krakow. The link opens in a new browser window Museum of Warsaw. The link opens in a new browser window International Cultural Centre. The link opens in a new browser window The National Museum in Warsaw. The link opens in a new browser window 
The Jozef Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek. The link opens in a new browser window European Center of Solidarity. The link opens in a new browser window Museum in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. The link opens in a new browser window Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów. The link opens in a new browser window
Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport. The link opens in a new browser window
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