Dwurnik at the Main Square No. 25

The celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the ICC activities deserve special treatment and ministrations. Anna Pankiewicz, a director and animation producer, has been asked to create a promotional video for the International Cultural Centre. Both the artist herself as well as her collaborators have embarked on the project drawing their inspiration from a painting by Edward Dwurnik entitled Main Square No. 25. Making use of the humour which permeates the painting, they have breathed life into the canvass and invited the viewers to look inside the painting and, further, take a walk round the building. In their cinematic “interpretation”, the ICC space of dialogue is suffused with poetic lightness and new meanings – the house at the Main Square No. 25 does not only serve art but becomes its inherent part.

Main Square No. 25 Edward Dwurnik’s new painting, was created in early 2011 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the activities of the International Cultural Centre. Rich in contexts and contemporary references, the canvass joins the ICC in the understanding of the Krakow Main Square as a place of dialogue and the heart of Central Europe. In 1991, in this very special setting, the ICC was set up to function as a unique place for the exchange of thoughts and ideas.

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