Debate: Nationalism – opportunities and threats

November 20, 2013
Nationalism – opportunities and threats
Debate held in the framework of the Visegrad project “Backpack”

The first in a series of meetings initiated by the non-governmental organisation Via Cultura from Bratislava. Each meeting discusses the accrued “baggage” of the past which the countries of Central Europe face in the present day. The conferences, taking place alternately in each of the Visegrad Group countries, will touch upon the problems of nationalism (Krakow), anti-Semitism (Budapest), fleeing responsibility (Brno) and anti-liberalism (Bratislava).

The project, under the collective title of Backpacks, is addressed to all those interested in exchanging questions, and its most important aspect is to exchange the thoughts and experiences of participating experts and audiences, among which those welcome include academics, journalists, politicians, students and pupils, who will have the opportunity to prepare for the conference through their participation in the workshops.

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