Dani Karavan – in memoriam

Very sad news has reached us. An outstanding Israeli artist – sculptor Dani Karavan passed away in Tel Aviv. The art material for him was not only stone, concrete, steel, wood, but also water, sand, vegetation, wind, sun, landscape, and even a view from the window and emptiness. He used these ingredients to create site-specific works, i.e. works intended for a selected, specific place and entering into multiple relationships with its space.

The International Cultural Centre organizing the exhibition MAKOM. Dani Karavan. The Essence of Place was the first place in Poland where the artist presented his art.

Dani Karavan has left his unique works in public spaces and outdoors in Israel, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Japan. When creating, he always emphasized that he did not mean autonomous works of art. In his understanding, they were supposed to be a kind of dialogue with the recipient. 
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