DADA politics

September 15, 6 p.m.
DADA politics. By Jan Przyłuski
Jan Przyłuski’s lecture will search for the origins of the Orange Alternative which are to be found in the DADA movement.

“The Orange Alternative points openly to its inspiration in Dadaism and surrealism. With its anti-structural and anti-rational (or surrational in the case of Marcel Duchamp) energy of the element, DADA has frequently provided the source of the contemporary political happening. From the pre-war avant-garde it took over the poetic of laughter, unlimited freedom in expression of thoughts, scathing with, merciless irony, and – obviously – provocation. All these to attack in any manner possible – through the absurd, pastiche, grotesque, paradox – the dangerously alienating power (…).”

An excerpt from Dada politics. Art of action and the Orange Alternative movement [in:] Happening Againts Communism by the Orange Alternative, a book which accompanies the exhibition.

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