Cracow. History and Art - a new guide dedicated to the history and culture of the city

The old Polish capital is breaking popularity records today. How to suggestively tell its history and culture to interest the young reader? Can one thousand years of Krakow's history fit into one book? Cracow. History and Art is a synthesis of its history and culture prepared by the ICC Publishing House. Numerous photographs, a handy format and a soft cover make it possible to discover the city of a thousand treasures in many unobvious ways with a book in your hand. The publisher will have its premiere during the 23rd International Book Fair in Krakow in Polish and English.

The book is the result of work of a team of outstanding researchers invited to cooperate by prof. Jacek Purchla on the occasion of the Thousand Treasures of Krakow (2018) project, initiated by President Jacek Majchrowski. The authors include the best specialists in the history and culture of the city: Andrzej Chwalba, Krzysztof J. Czyżewski, Kamila Follprecht, Edyta Gawron, Karolina Grodziska, Mateusz Grzęda, Anna Król, Waldemar Łazuga, Michał Niezabitowski, Zdzisław Noga, Magdalena Piwocka, Jacek Purchla , Krzysztof Stopka, Marek Walczak, Janusz Wałek †.

The book is also available in English.
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