Cracow Art Week KRAKERS at the ICC

2020-10-24, 1:30 p.m.
Cracow Art Week KRAKERS is a communication platform which is a meeting of independent art centers and the inhabitants of the city of Krakow. The slogan of this year's edition is Art as an open concept. As part of the event, the ICC will host a meeting with Szymon Kobylarz and a discussion panel devoted to artist- and curator-run spaces, which often fill the void left by local art institutions.

Saturday, October 24 at 1.30 p.m. - 3.00 p.m., The Ravens Room
Artist talk: meeting with Szymon Kobylarz, Nothing from something or something from nothing?

How to create art objects without a budget for their implementation and why is it healthier and more beneficial for all of us? During the meeting, Szymon Kobylarz will talk about the material side of his works, what they were made of and why. The artist will outline the history of several projects and the future he plans for them. He will also talk about the idea of ​​a formal barter exchange between artists and cultural institutions, which is to appear in the future in the form of an application.

The lecture will also be available online

Saturday, October 24 at 15.30 - 17.00, The Ravens Room

Speakers: Józefina Chętko (Lou Cantor / Alfabet) and Sara Piotrowska and Maciej Szczęśniak atelier
Modertor: Romuald Demidenko

Artist- and curator-run spaces often fill the void left by local art institutions. They are created in the cracks in the system and propose activities in new formats. How, despite the temporary nature of the premises and many other restrictions, to offer a quite regular program is shown by unofficial art venues and collectives, many of which have recently emerged in Krakow itself.

The meeting available online

Organizer: East of Art Foundation and the Municipality of Krakow

More information: Cracow Art Week and Facebook
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