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The international ILUCIDARE project explores the relationship between innovation and heritage as well as diplomacy and heritage. As part of the project, we collect local examples of projects and initiatives related to heritage-based innovation and heritage used in diplomacy. Our goal is to analyze and promote the potential of heritage in both innovation and diplomacy. This task is impossible without your help! We encourage you to share your knowledge about heritage-led innovation and diplomacy and complete a short survey!

The issues that the project undertakes can be ambiguous and complicated, which is why we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our website to find out what we mean by heritage and innovation as well as heritage and diplomacy. We are calling for public authorities, cultural and heritage organisations, site managers, private entrepreneurs and research institutions all over Europe to help us find case studies – the larger your input, the more powerful our heritage voice will be!

The questions should not take you more than 8 minutes to answer and are mainly focused on the context of the heritage-led projects and activities, the barriers for implementation and how we should design our final outcomes to your preferences.

You can easily complete the survey in any of the languages below: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and Polish.

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