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Colloquium of the scholars from the Thesaurus Poloniae programme (for Ukraine)

The photo shows the participants of the colloquium.

On the 24th of November a colloquium entitled “Problems of cultural heritage: historical monuments, international dialogue, modern risks” took place. It was attended by Oleh Rishnyak, Olha Denysiuk, Olena Kozakevych, Bohdan Tykholoz, and Iryna Horban.

The speakers talked about the shared Polish-Ukrainian heritage (taking the wooden tserkvas of the Carpathian region as a point of reference), the phenomenon of the Kosiv ceramics, the hutsul art and the cultural role of mountain areas – Kryvorivnia and Zakopane. They also touched upon the problem of the preservation of Lviv cultural heritage during the war.


Biographical notes of the sperakers:

dr Oleh Rishnyak – restorer, researcher, head of the Department of Painting Restoration in Lviv Institute “Ukrzakhidproektrestavratsiia” (Ukraine).

Lecture title:“Two countries – one cultural heritage: a UNESCO world heritage site ‘Wooden tserkvas of the Carpathian region in Poland and Ukraine’”


dr Olha Denysiuk – art historian, associate professor at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev (Ukraine).

Lecture title:“Ukraine’s UNESCO heritage: Kosiv ceramics”


dr Olena Kozakevych – assistant at Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Krakow; researcher at the Ethnology Institute of NAS of Ukraine (Lviv, Ukraine).

Lecture title:“Hutsul art: between myth and reality”


dr Bohdan Tykholoz – associate professor, senior researcher, director of Lviv National Literary and Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko (Lviv, Ukraine).

Lecture title:“‘Tatra arkadia’ and ‘hucul Athens’: similar and different”


dr Iryna Horban – associate professor, senior researcher at the Museum of Ethnography and Artistic Crafts of the Institute of Ethnology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Lviv, Ukraine).

Lecture title: “‘Threats that we could not imagine in our worst nightmares.’ Preservation of cultural heritage in Lviv during the war”


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