Changing the roles

2013-04-14 - 2013-05-26
April 14 – May 26, 2013
Changing the roles. Challenging stereotypes workshops at the ICC.

The project has been carried out within the framework of the “Akademia Orange” programme

The idea for the project titled “Changing the roles. Challenging stereotypes workshops at the ICC” stemmed from a need to challenge gender stereotypes in the context of working and school environment. A number of widely-held beliefs on the so-called pre-dispositions towards specific subjects or tasks shown by boys and girls result in gender segregation at schools. Girls are encouraged to focus on the humanities or art, while boys are directed towards science. Such an approach is not only deeply unjust, but it has a powerful, often negative impact on the future choices made by the young people as well as on their professional careers.

The exhibition titled “A Woman’s Work Is Never Done”, on display at the ICC Gallery, will serve as a pretext to tackle this problem. The workshops organised within the project – aimed at pupils, students and teachers equally – will shed some light on the above-mentioned issues and will show how one can act against stereotypes. A thoroughly innovative and stimulating idea is that the workshops will not be moderated by the animators only, but will involve meetings with people working in different fields. The participants of the workshops will have an opportunity to play their part – in line with a belief that in order to know, one should experience first.

An added value of the project is cooperation between the International Cultural Centre – an institution boasting considerable experience in carrying out projects on cultural diversity – and the Women’s Space Foundation, the expert organisation on gender discrimination. We believe that the first  step towards getting rid of stereotypes is knowledge. That is why the instruments and tools developed in the course of the project will be subsequently handed over and used by different organisations and institutions.

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