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Central European Book Club: “The Lake” by Bianca Bellová

Graphics with the cover of Bellova's book.

November 21, 6 pm


Humor, perspective, and irony are the tropes of Czech literature that often come to mind. They allow us to tame reality, accept its drama, and soften the traumas that the world brings. That was true at least in the past, because the Czech literature still evolves. It is thanks to female authors rather than males.


Their voice, once subdued, now is heard loud and clear. Those authors use strong artistic expressions to achieve that: realism, ripe and vulgar language, they abandon ironic perspective and “Czech humor.” Through that come to life publications that do not soften the harshness of the world but sharpen its image, often to the extreme.


In this context, what can we say about “The Lake,” Bianca Bellová’s novel awarded the most important Czech literary prize, the Magnesia Litera (2017)? We invited you to another meetup of the Central European Book Club on November 21, at 6 pm. It was not held in the Panoramic Hall as usual but in a newly opened bookstore of the International Culture Centre, located on the 1st floor.


Venue: ICC bookstore, 1st floor


Bianca Bellová, “The Lake”, translation: Alex Zucker, publisher: Parthian Books, 2023


We encourage you to register earlier by contacting us at j.burnatowski@mck.krakow.pl. It will allow us to provide access to the discussed texts (or their fragments).
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