Bucharest: a bit of the Orient, a bit of madness

Thursday 17, 6.00 p.m.
Bucharest: a bit of the Orient, a bit of madness
Łukasz Galusek in discussion with Małgorzata Rejmer

We invite to the meeting accompanying the exhibition Tara (von Neudorf). Cartographer of sinister history. For the first 6 persons who comes to the lecture we have a Malgorzata Rejmer's books.

“Bucharest is like boiling water or a surge, irate and cloudy,” writes Małgorzata Rejmer in her reportage. “The attributes of the city: black clouds of wires on posts like nests abandoned by birds, an atmosphere of being dug up and clumsy next to shop windows, the penetrating smell of lime trees and crushed grapes. The elegance of architecture from a remote world. The rattle of trembling trams, the horns of enraged taxis a second before collision. The singing of gypsy children and old women wandering between the numerous flower shops, led the mothers of these children and the daughters of these old women. Everywhere there are dogs like black and grey sacks abandoned by someone who was in a big hurry.”

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