Main Market Square 25 – a biography that has never been seen before

Thanks to the efforts of the ICC Publishing House, a unique biography of the "The Ravens House" tenement house at 25 Main Square has just appeared, which our institution has been associated with since its inception. This place witnessed the most important events of political and historical importance taking place in the center of Krakow, but also the everyday life of the city's residents, fairs, games and cultural events.

The Ravens House on the Main Market Square 25 has witnessed the most important political and historical events unfolding in the centre of Kraków, but also the daily lives of the inhabitants, fairs, games, and cultural events. The Jesuits planned to build their church and college on this site. Across the ages, the house itself has been an aristocratic residence, a Kraków high society haunt, the office of the Governor, a bank, the seat of the NSDAP for the General Gouvernement area, and then of the Committee of the Polish Workers’ Party, a publishing house, a dance school, a bookshop. Since 1991, it has been the seat and trademark of the ICC.
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