"At a distance: Invisible Europe"

2021-09-30, 7:00 p.m.
At a distance: Invisible Europe
The upcoming conversation in the frame of At "the Distance" will focus on the latest issue of HERITO 42/43: Invisible Places. The guests of the meeting will be Jarek Szubrycht and Aleksandra Wojtaszek.

Invisibility is a living experience of the inhabitants of Central Europe, where many cities and places are palimpsests, and the borders shifted so often that they rubbed places like an eraser, creating space for new ones. Does invisibility really mean more to Europeans than it does to other parts of the world, and does it contain both ruins and utopias, barely sketched dreams and those that have fallen into ruin? Is Central Europe a huge cemetery with traces of damage done by man, history and nature? Does something irrevocably go down in history in Europe? On the sidelines of the latest, double issue of Herito, which is a non-obvious atlas of invisible places in Europe, editor Bartosz Sadulski will talk to the authors of two texts: Jarek Szubrycht, who introduced the readers to the history of Dukla, and Aleksandra Wojtaszek, author of a personal essay on Croatian Benkovec.

The meeting will be held on September 30 at 19 on the MCC profile on Facebook and will be made available on YouTube.

Jarek Szubrycht - journalist of "Gazeta Wyborcza". Editor-in-chief of the "GaMa" magazine (formerly "Gazeta Magnetofonowa"). He also published, inter alia, In "Polityka", "Przekrój" and both incarnations of "Machina", he ran the T-Mobile Music and Red Bull Muzyka portals as well as his own radio program on Off Radio Kraków. Author and translator of biographies and books on music. Member of the Phonographic Academy Council. Former metal singer, associated with the group Lux Occulta. It comes from Dukla.

Aleksandra Wojtaszek - Balkanist, journalist and translator. Doctor of Literary Studies specializing in post-Yugoslav SF. He is currently working on a collection of reports on contemporary Croatia.

Bartosz Sadulski - the author of the volumes of poems "post", "trouble", "less than one animal" and the novel "Reich". Permanent associate of the dwutygodnik.com portal, secretary of the editorial office of the quarterly "Herito". Scholarship holder of the "Young Poland" program in the literature category for 2019. He lives in Nowa Huta.
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