Art: Does Central Europe Exist?

June 21, 6 p.m.

Art: Does Central Europe Exist?
Meeting with Piotr Piotrowski and László Beke organised within the framework of 20th Anniversary Talks celebrating the 20th anniversary of the ICC activities.

In his latest book entitled Agorafilia [Agoraphilia], Piotr Piotrowski asks whether Central Europe (still) exists and if it (still) has anything significant to say. Twenty years after the demolition of the Berlin Wall, which divided Europe into the East and the West, a celebrated and highly regarded, both in Poland and abroad, scholar as well as enthusiast and promoter of Central European art doubts legitimacy of the existence of the European Core – at least as far as the realm of art is concerned.
For the International Cultural Centre, Central Europe has always been (and still is) an important point of reference. Hence, our effort to directly address the issue of the existence of Central Europe in art. Two most eminent scholars regarded as authoritative in the field of art in Central European countries – from Hungary and Poland respectively – have been called up to take the floor. We will ask them about relevance of the Central European construct, the artistic production from the region (before and after 1989), the meaning of the landmark year in art in individual countries, common points, about the past as well as about the future. Since if not Central Europe (though, perhaps, it does exist), then what?
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