Art & Architecture vis-à-vis landscape

March 22, 6 p.m.
Art & Architecture vis-à-vis natural landscape
A lecture by dr Monika Rydiger
Contemporary Norwegian architecture reveals a deep awareness of nature which, most probably, stems from both traditional methods of construction in the region as well as specific geographical and environmental contexts. But one should look at spectacular and outstanding projects designed by Sverr Fehn and such studios as Snøhetta, Jensen & Skodvin, or Helen & Hard, from a much wider perspective which includes the changes in contemporary art over the last couple of decades. Towards the end of the 1960s one witnessed a radical turn towards nature in all realms of art. Natural landscape became the new arena for various artistic endeavours as well as their context and material. Such natural processes as erosion, atmospheric conditions – rain, snow, sun – started to be considered a part of regular repertoire and tools used by the artists. The first works of the so-called land art – created in opposition to the projects celebrating both technology and machines – were not only manifestations of a new trend, but they gave voice to a new awareness of the role of nature in contemporary art. From now on, an artist was to consider nature to be their partner and a subject matter. This new awareness played a fundamental role in arriving at new formulas and solutions in art and architecture equally. Consequently, some spectacular and surprising results, developed in line with the principles of sustainability and ecology, were brought about.

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