Architecture in the process

March 8, 6 p.m.
Architecture in the process of transformation of Norwegian society from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century
A lecture by Marian Mikołajski, Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Norway in Kraków

Architecture is the form of art which reflects social tensions and convulsions of a given period. It is precisely from this unique perspective that we will look at Norwegian architecture. Norway has taken a long way from the search for its national identity in the 19th century, through independence and attempts to define a national model of culture in the context of Modernism and industry, to the present times which reflect desires and ambitions of Norwegian society. The lecture held at the ICC will offer not only an overview of the history of Norwegian architecture, but an inquiry into its cultural and social transformations. The lecture will also comprise of a movie entitled Norwegian Impression (MFA & Innovation Norge 2009).
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