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Agata Wąsowska-Pawlik at the 4th International Congress Culture of the Regenerative City

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The director of the International Cultural Centre will moderate the session “Festival Culture” at the congress dedicated to the role of culture in regenerating cities. She will talk to Prof. Waldemar Kuligowski, PhD, Prof. Michał Krzykawski, PhD, Carolina Pietyra, the director of the KBF, Jeroen De Schuyteneer, director of Lichtfestival Gent. The session takes place on May, 15.


The congress organisers claim that we should treat culture as an important element of the structure of cities in which change and development take place as well as the main source of social and cultural benefits. The panellists will answer questions about the way culture influences social values and behaviour, the forms of culture that can change cities, and how we can use culture to improve urbanites’ living conditions.


We encourage you to take part in the event (more information).

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