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Accessible workshops at the ICC

Young people during the workshop.

Special guests visited our gallery – young people from the Special School No. 14 in Krakow. The educator, Anna Sokulska, introduced them to the world of exceptional works by Małgorzata Mirga-Tas.


During their visit to the ICC Gallery, our guests focused on the works by Małgorzata Mirga-Tas. They learned about the significance of materials, colours, and photographs often used by the artist as a starting point for her monumental collages and assemblages.


As part of art workshops, students worked on their own collages based on archival, black and white photographs, produced by Ignacy Krieger’s atelier, depicting folk types from the Małopolska region. Participants used a variety of materials, including felt, colourful patterned papers, pompoms, ribbons or strings to add colour to black and white photographs as well as their backgrounds.


We would like to invite teachers interested in our offer of accessible workshops, addressed to visitors with special needs, to contact the ICC.


ACCESSIBLE WORKSHOPS FOR ORGANISED GROUPS ARE FREE OF CHARGE, with possibility to select a convenient date and time. Duration of the workshop - approx. 90 minutes.


If you are interested in accessible workshops, contact Aleksandra Rak at: a.rak@mck.krakow.pl , phone: 124242802

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