A post-graduate studies - the call for application is open

2016-05-16 - 2016-09-20
The post-graduate studies Academy of Heritage were established in 2001 by the International Cultural Centre and University of Economics in Krakow.


Lectures and seminars cover economic, legal, social and political aspects considered a basis of modern heritage preservation philosophy. The students are trained in modern heritage preservation and management methods. The curriculum also consists of field workshops at historic landmarks and monuments as well as field studies of management of cultural institutions. The final circuit seminar will test the knowledge and skills acquired in the course of studies. The subjects of lectures are as follows:
  • Culture and heritage;
  • Legal and economic aspects of heritage management;
  • Culture industries, marketing and cultural heritage promotion;
  • Institution management, accounting and finance;
  • Local administration, public administration, spatial planning;
  • Seminars.
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