A meeting with prof. Rykwert

October 25, 2013, 6 p.m.
The Seduction of Place: The History and Future of Cities
Łukasz Galusek in conversation with Prof. Joseph Rykwert

We invite to the meetings with prof. Joseph Rykwert.

“In order to understand a city and to be able to work in it, we have to view it as an amalgamation of human action and willpower – things that make up the appearance of a city” – writes Professor Joseph Rykwert in his book The seduction of place. The history and future of cities, the first of his books to be released in Polish in October, and published by the ICC.
The discussion will address the currently debated issues of town planning and management of public space. It’s a known paradox that Poland today has many talented architects, but no town planners; it has eminent artists and conservators, but is simultaneously witnessing the degradation of urban space, as well as numerous conflicts at the centre of its cities.

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