A meeting with Dr. Stefan Wolle

2012, July 5, 6 p.m.
A meeting with Dr. Stefan Wolle, author of the book The wonderful world of dictatorship. Everyday life and power in the GDR 1971–1989 interviewed by Daniel Göpfert, director of the Goethe Institute in Krakow.
Goethe Institut, Rynek Glowny 20

History can be read and interpreted in two ways, i.e. either by means of considering the events that did actually take place, or, alternatively, taking into account the ones that never happened. Such an approach was used by Professor Tadeusz Lubelski in his latest book. Thirteen essays included in Lubelski’s study discuss the movies which have never been filmed. Such a radical narrative may in fact be more accurate than a simple and straightforward analysis of existing cinematic achievements of the People’s Republic of Poland – the country of the so-called real socialism which exercised the power of strict censorship. However, such a position also encourages one to pose a number of questions: What would the body of works by celebrated directors and actors look like today? Would they be evaluated in the same fashion? What would the relations between Polish and foreign cinema look like?

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