A meeting and a film screening

2012, June 28, 6 p.m.
A meeting with Harald Hauswald and Marc Thümmler and screening of the film Radfahrer (Cyclist)
Admission free, a meeting organised in cooperation with the Goethe- Institut in Krakow
A meeting in German with Polish translation

The biographies of Harald Hauswald and Marc Thümmler are interestingly linked by the Berlin Wall: the former was 7 when the wall was raised, the later was 7 when the wall collapsed.

Harald Hauswald – from 1977 he lived in (East) Berlin, where he documented the life in the GDR. Founding member of the photographic agency OSTKREUZ. Exhibited his work in the GDR, West Germany, USA, Swit-zerland, Holland, Italy and France. His photographs feature in the exhibition presented in the ICC Gallery. In 1997 he was decorated with a cross of merit (Bundesverdienstkreuz) and in 2006 he was granted the Einheitspreis – Bürgerpreis zur Deutschen Einheit, awarded for helping to build German unity after reunification

Marc Thümmler – born in 1982 in Berlin, where he is still living. He is a film director. The film Radfahrer (Cyclist) was his diploma work completing his studies in European media knowledge at the Potsdam University and Fachhochschule Potsdam. The German centre for political education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung) issued a DVD with this film. In 2009 the work was nominated for the film award Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis and marked as “remarkably valuable”
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