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The Black Sea Meeting

2024-05-21, 6:00 p.m.
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On May 21st, 6 PM, we would love to invite you to a meeting “The Black Sea in the Ukrainian Imaginarium,” associated with the exhibition “Odesa. The Long 20th Century in Art.”


The guests will be Dr. Tomasz Hodana and Dr. Katarzyna Kotyńska, hosted by Dr. Łukasz Galusek.


From Kossack Chaika boats to “Mamaj” naval drones’ through the impressionist prose paintings of Ukrainian modernists, avant-garde novels of the first half of the 20th century, and mature marine prose of the 21st century to currently ongoing war and struggles to control the body of water. How is the Black Sea present in Ukrainian imagination and collective memory? What characterizes the Ukrainian stories and narratives coming from the sea, and what visions of reality do they propose? We will additionally talk about how Ukrainians work on speaking about the past and present of the Black Sea without blurring and top-down “Ukrainizing” the local variety of cultures and languages.


Dr. Tomasz Hodana – Assistant professor at the Institute of Eastern Slavonic Studies of the Jagiellonian University. His academic interests include Old-Rus’ culture, religious polemic of 16th and 17th century (catholic and unitates versus Russian Orthodox), historical literature and modern Ukrainian literature. Author of the book “Między królem a carem. Moskwa w oczach prawosławnych Rusinów – obywateli Rzeczypospolitej” (Krakow, 2008).


Dr. Katarzyna Kotyńska – Professor at the PAN Slavian Institute. Ukrainian literature translator, literary scholar, and culture expert. Published the book “Lwów. O odczytywaniu miasta na nowo” (MCK, Krakow 2015; Ukrainian translation: Old Lion Publishing House, Lviv 2017). Translated the novels and essays of eg. Yurii Andrukhovych, Mykola Riabchuk, Oksana Zabuzhko, Sofia Andrukhovych, Victoria Amelina, and Viktor Domontovych.


Dr. Łukasz Galusek – Vice Program Director of the ICC, author, and editor of numerous books, curator of the exhibition “Socialist Realism. Architecture behind the Iron Curtain,” which opened in the ICC in 2024.

The meeting will be transmitted and translated into the Polish Sign Language.

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