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The Central European Book Club: “High Jump” by Zoltán Lesi

2024-02-06, 6:00 p.m.
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February 6, 6 pm


Zoltán Lesi’s book only seems to be about sports. Its pseudo-documentary, quasi-biographical form encourages discussion about the boundaries of truth and fiction in the media and literature. It provokes reflection on the condition of a person facing not only sports challenges.


What can we learn today from the stories of the participants of the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin? Is the memory of events from the past established and unchangeable? What about identity and morals? Are the rules of fair play – like in sports – applicable in their assessment?


Join us on February 6 at 6 pm at the ICC Bookstore (1st floor) at Rynek Główny 25. The meeting will be hosted by Daniel Warmuz.


Let us meet in the common space of reading and talking. Let’s meet at the ICC.


We encourage you to register for the meeting in advance at the following e-mail address: a.sachar@mck.krakow.pl. Contact us to receive access to the texts (or fragments thereof) discussed at the meeting.



Daniel Warmuz (b. 1987) – translator and scholar of Hungarian literature, member of the Association of Literary Translators. The following novels have been published in his translation: “Incognito” by Tibor Noé Kiss (2017), “Boys from Moscow Square” by Zsolt Berta (2019), “Satan's Spawn” by Zoltán Mihály Nagy (2021), the volume of poetry “High Jump” by Zoltán Lesi (2020), the first volume of István Kovács’ monograph “The Anatomy of Friendship, or Common Polish-Hungarian History” (2022). He also translated poems by Zita Izsói, János Térey, dramas by Borisz Kucsov, Csaba Mikó, Andrea Pass, Árpád Schilling and Csaba Székely, and essays by László F. Földényi and Csaba G. Kiss. He published translations, reviews and essays, among others: in “Akcent”, “Czas Literatury”, “Dialog”, “Dwutygodnik”, “eleWator”, “Ha!art”, “Herito”, “Twórczość”, “Zeszyty Literackie”. Winner of the Adam Włodek Award (2019), Angelus Central European Literary Award for translation (2022), awarded the Silver Cross of Merit of Hungary (2022).

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