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The exhibition “The Treasures of Krakow” in Bamberg

Dr Simona von Eyb, director of the Zentrum Welterbe in Bamberg, and Tamara Winkhardt-Möglich stand in front of the exhibition board.

On October, 13 the opening of the exhibition “The Treasures of Krakow” in Zentrum Welterbe Bamberg took place. The exhibition encompasses panels, prepared by the International Cultural Centre, presenting the centuries-long history of Krakow


The panels present 90 of the titular treasures, i.e. artworks and architectural landmarks, as well as items associated with Kraków’s intangible heritage. All of these treasures are culturally significant, and many can be ranked as masterpieces. They tell the history of the metropolis from the Middle Ages through the city’s development during Kazimierz Wielki’s and the Jagiellonian’s reign, and the Renaissance period. They also illustrate the collapse associated with the Deluge, the annexation, and the German occupation during the Second World War.


Project “The Treasures of Krakow” was prepared in cooperation with the Krakow City Hall. It  is related to a book published by the ICC “Kraków in a Thousand Treasures: History and Art” (2018). The panels have already been presented in Kraków, Bahrain, Sofia, Leipzig, Ostrava, Baku, and Hong Kong.


On the photo: Simona von Eyb, PhD (the director of Zentrum Welterbe Bamberg), Tamara Winkhardt-Möglich, photo: Charlotte Heine

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