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Meeting: “Modern architecture in Vilnius”

2023-09-14, 6:00 p.m.
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September 14 at 6 pm


The complicated history of Vilnius has been recorded in its architecture. We invited you to a meeting about the book “Vilnius. 20th-21st centuries. Architectural Guide”.


At the turn of the 20th century, a provincial town on the western outskirts of Russia witnessed the development of Art Nouveau and regional architecture. In the interwar period, the capital of the voivodeship of the Second Polish Republic became home to modernist architecture. After the war, within the borders of the USSR, Vilnius was developed in the style of socialist realism, and after 1956, post-war modernism. With Lithuania regaining independence and Vilnius becoming its capital there emerged a local school of architecture drawing on Scandinavian models.


These periods and phenomena are discussed in a guide to 20th-century architecture in Vilnius edited by Marija Drėmaitė, Rūta Leitanaitė, and Julija Reklaitė, published in Polish by the Centre for Architecture in 2019. We invited you to join us for a meeting devoted to the complicated history of Vilnius recorded in its modern architecture.



Dr. Rasa Antanavičiūtė

Anna Syska

Prof. Andrzej Szczerski



Dr. Michał Wiśniewski



The International Cultural Centre, Rynek Główny 25, “The Ravens” Hall


The meeting was in Polish and Lithuanian.


The meeting was co-financed by the Lithuanian Culture Institute and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Please be advised that during the event, photos may be taken for the purposes of the International Cultural Centre in Krakow (e.g. for documentation and posting information on the ICC website and on the ICC profiles on Facebook and Instagram). If you do not consent to this, please inform us in advance. Photos may contain images of people participating in the event. Lack of information provided in writing or orally to an ICC staff member before the event is tantamount to consent for the International Cultural Centre in Krakow to use the photos referred to above.

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