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13th Romanian Culture Festival at the ICC

2023-05-10 - 2023-05-14
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The festival will run from May 10 to 14. On this occasion, the International Cultural Centre will host three events and an exhibition.


May 11, at 18.00

Official opening of the Romanian Culture Festival

Admission exclusively for invited guests.


At the official opening Psihodrom group from Timișoara (Cristian Văduva, Octavian Horvath, Sergiu Catană, Alexandru Pascu) will perform “Krumau Live”. The performance is based on the journalist Nicoleta Mușat’s interview with a ninety-year-old representative of the Banat Swabian community. His account addressed how the German minority fled from Lenauheim (Timiș county) in fear of reprisals by the Soviets by the end of World War II. It was adapted for the stage by Andrei Ursu. May 11 is also the opening day of “Tour Banat” – Sorina Vazelina’s comic book exhibition. 

May 12

Sorina Vazelina “Tour Banat” exhibition
Opening dates: May 12–31
Venue: the medieval cellars of the ICC
Opening hours: 13.00–19.00, Tuesday to Sunday
Free admission, no booking required.  

Through four stories, brought together at the exhibition and translated into the language of comics, this show will present the main historical phenomena and events that marked Banat’s history from the moment it was incorporated into the Austrian Empire until the second half of the 20th century. The exhibition shows how “great history” made an impact on individual lives. The counterpoint to these stories comes with “postcards” from the tourist towns of Banat.


Event partners: the International Cultural Centre in Krakow, Asociația Prin Banat (from Timișoara). The “Moving Fireplaces” programme has been supported by the Center for Projects Timișoara and forms a part of the Timișoara 2023 Cultural Programme – European Capital of Culture


At 16.00

Debate: “Great novels of small nations”

More information: about the debate


The debate will be held in Polish with no streaming provided.


May 13, at 11.00

Discussion and documentary film screening: “Timișoara. The secret map: people and places”


Screening of two 25-minute documentaries, which, through the story of coffee, address episodes from the history of Banat and its connection with Central Europe. One of the protagonists is Francesco Illy, a citizen of Timișoara and the inventor of espresso. Another important figure is Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki – the hero of the Battle of Vienna of 1683, who popularised coffee in Europe.



Adriana Babeți, writer and author of the script

Alexandru Condrache, project coordinator of “Cafeină pe Bega și Timpuri noi. O mică revoluţie”


Programme of other festival events

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