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Meeting: „The past and the future of cities”

2022-12-05, 6:00 p.m.
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5 December, 6 pm


The lives of people will take place in cities. And this is not a conclusion found in a crystal ball, but rather based on research and statistics. A similar reflection stems from the history of humanity: the rhythm of civilization has always harmonised with the dynamic evolution of cities.


It is intriguing that cities have been the main “theatre” of human activity even though culture presented them as a space of depravation, destruction, something that weakens human relationships. Paradoxically, for some reasons, the environment of a city answers more adequately to our fundamental needs.


If the future belongs to cities we have to make those cities more friendly, better for us. We need to make them less oppressive. How to design public space in an innovative way? Can we think about it as a harmonious merge of different elements?


Undoubtedly we need a change that would have a long-lasting impact on the city metabolism. What would be its dynamic – especially now that we talk about limited access to natural resources and the rise of energy prices? How the city infrastructure is influenced by climate changes? Those are only some of the topics that we should urgently deal with.


The essence of those processes constitutes the main point of the analyses and solutions of Joseph Rykwert – an outstanding historian and architecture critic, whose book “The Seduction of Place: The History and Future of Cities” will be a starting point for the discussion.


We invite you to reflect on those issues together with specialists on the theme: Artur Celiński, Irma Kozina and Filip Springer. On 5 December, at 6 pm they will talk to Piotr Bujas.


See you off/on-line at the ICC!



Artur Celiński

prof. Irma Kozina

Filip Springer



Piotr Bujas



International Cultural Centre, Rynek Główny 25, “The Ravens” hall


The meeting, interpreted into the Polish Sign Language, will be streamed on the ICC Facebook page.


Financed by the project by PFRON “Culture without barriers”.
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