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Meeting: “The heritage of Austro-Hungarian cemeteries. Theirs, ours, or shared?”

2022-11-03, 6:00 p.m.

Our humanity is measured by how we treat the deceased, their remains and their memory. The matter is simple when we talk about our loved ones who are usually remembered and revered. In such cases it is clear what belongs exclusively to us, what does not, and what is shared with others. However, things get more complicated when we think about the legacy of the Great War in the territory of former West Galicia.

War cemeteries are visible signs of this difficulty. Who owns the multinational, often nameless legion of the victims of war who constitute the problematic heritage of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy?

The respect for the fallen and the dead is confirmed by the work of the War Graves Department in Krakow, responsible for the construction of more than 400 West Galician cemeteries – many of them designed by artists.

The renovation and restoration of cemeteries from 1915-1918, their artistic significance, as well as the politics of memory (and non-memory) were discussed by the curators of the exhibition “Art in Uniform”, Dr. Beata Nykiel and Dr. Agnieszka Partridge, in conversation with Joanna Florkiewicz-Kamieniarczyk, whose initiative was behind organising this exhibition.



Joanna Florkiewicz-Kamieniarczyk

Dr.  Beata Nykiel
Dr. Agnieszka Partridge

Agata Wąsowska-Pawlik



International Cultural Centre, Rynek Główny 25, “The Ravens” hall,


The meeting, interpreted into the Polish Sign Language, was streamed on the ICC Facebook page.

Financed by the project by PFRON Culture without barriers”. 

Biographical notes:
Joanna Florkiewicz-Kamieniarczyk – art historian, director of the Department of Revalorisation of Krakow Monuments and National Heritage of the Małopolska Provincial Office in Krakow. She is the head of the EU-funded project to restore several dozen WWI cemeteries in the former West Galicia.

Dr. Beata Nykiel – historian, deputy head of the Institute of European Heritage of the ICC. For many years, she has been involved in research projects on the heritage and memory of Central and Eastern Europe, with particular emphasis on the Galician context. Editor and head of the “Polish Petersburg” online encyclopaedia. Curator of the exhibition “Istanbul – Two Worlds, One City” (ICC, 2018).


Dr. Agnieszka Partridge – art historian, journalist, author of films, exhibitions and publications devoted to war cemeteries in West Galicia (including Otwórzcie bramy pamięci. Cmentarze wojenne z lat 1914-1918 w Małopolsce, Kraków 2005). Researcher of the architecture and symbolism of Galician war cemeteries and the work of artists associated with the War Graves Department in Krakow.

Agata Wąsowska-Pawlik –art historian, exhibition curator, museologist, since 2018 the Director of the International Cultural Centre in Kraków. She is a member of the Europa Nostra Council, Art Historians Association, the Society of Friends of History and Monuments of Krakow, the International Council of Museums ICOM, and the member of the Boards of: the Ethnographic Museum of Krakow (since 2013) and the Museum of Photography in Krakow (2020-2024). In 2018 she was awarded Hungarian Golden Cross of Merit and in 2020 Cross of the Knight of the Order for Merits to Lithuania.



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