The Adriatic. The narrated sea

2022-06-21, 6:00 p.m.

Join us at the International Cultural Centre for another meeting devoted to the Adriatic Sea and the book by Egidio Ivetica. This time, with Prof. Joanna Ugniewska, Prof. Michał Czerwiński, and Łukasz Galusek, we will look at the sea from the shores of Croatia and talk about the complicated and eventful history of this region.


The Adriatic Sea is a silent witness to the passing civilisations and the background of extraordinary stories, such as the history of the Venetian Republic, Italy, and the Balkans. It is an accumulation in space and time, the coexistence of apparent opposites: Latin and Slavic rulers, holy wars and communist revolutions, dervishes and Jesuits, tolerance and crusades. How to study this kind of history and how to read the historical significance of the sea?


Guests: Prof. Joanna Ugniewska, Prof. Maciej Czerwiński, Łukasz Galusek

Host: Bartosz Panek

The meeting will be held on June 21, at 18.00, at the International Cultural Centre, Rynek Główny 25, the Ravens Room. It will also be streamed on the ICC Facebook profile.

The meeting was registered:

Prof. Joanna Ugniewska – Polish literary scholar, Italianist, translator of Italian literature, essayist. She is a lecturer at the University of Warsaw. She translates the works of Magris, Tabucchi, Croce, Eco, Madieri, Orizio. Author of many publications on Italian literature, among them: “Włochy w czasach romantyzmu” (together with Anna Tylusińska, 2004), “Scritture del Novecento – saggi e appunti” (2008). Co-author and editor of “Historia literatury włoskiej w XX wieku” (2001). Winner of the prestigious Premio Internazionale Flaiano award (2002), Zaiks award (2005) for translation, Paweł Hertz Award for translators (2012) and the Leopold Staff Literary Award (twice). Member of the international jury of the Premio Alassio award. 


Prof. Maciej Czerwiński – Slavic philologist, translator, literary critic, professor at the Jagiellonian University. His work focuses on the languages, cultures, and literatures of former Yugoslavia, as well as on the intersections between the theory of language and literature, and the semiotics of culture. He has lectured and delivered papers at symposia in many European countries and the United States. He is the author of several books published in Poland and Croatia (on language, historical discourse, semiotics, and historical imagination of the Second World War in Croatian and Serbian fiction), as well as many articles and essays. Member of the editorial board of Polish, Croatian, and Macedonian academic journals. At the ICC, he co-authored the exhibition Adriatic Epopee. Ivan Meštrović (2017) and published essays in the “Herito” journal.


Łukasz Galusek — programme director of the International Cultural Centre in Krakow. Expert in the field of culture and art of Central Europe, he focuses on the relationship between space, memory and identity. He is the author of over 150 publications on the cultural heritage of Central Europe, as well as the issues of memory and cultural education.


Bartosz Panek — journalist and reporter. Winner of Polish and international awards, including Prix Italia for exceptional originality and innovative language in a radio documentary. His works have been presented in Italy, France, and Croatia. This year, the Czarne Publishing House will publish his book about Tatars in Poland.



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