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Unwanted capital. Gallery lessons for school groups


The International Cultural Centre invites teachers to book gallery lessons for elementary school pupils VII-VIII and secondary school pupils for the exhibition “Unwanted capital. Architecture and urban planning in Krakow during the German occupation of 1939–1945”.


The lesson includes an active tour of the exhibit along with creative activities for the following age groups:

Primary school

For students in grades 7-8 of primary schools, gallery lessons are an opportunity to understand the changes brought about in Krakow by the German occupation, as well as the problem of dissonant heritage. Core curriculum: developing key competences (creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, skills of critical and logical thinking, reasoning, arguing and drawing conclusions); introducing students to the world of values; developing the sense of individual, cultural, national, and regional identity; supporting cultural education, art appreciation and the need to co-create it in the scope appropriate to the child's development stage; work with compulsory subjects: Polish, geography, knowledge of culture / art.

Secondary school


Secondary school students will use gallery lessons to supplement their knowledge of the history of Poland and Krakow during the Second World War and explain issues related to the concept of dissonant heritage and its preservation. Core curriculum: shaping the competence of students as audience of culture; discussion, argumentation, creative activity with the use of various media; cooperation in a team; developing personal interests; shaping a hierarchy of values based on works of culture; learning about the national and global heritage; history of art and culture, periodization of history, features of the period; work with compulsory subjects: history, Polish language, knowledge of culture, geography, history, civics.

More information available at: https://mck.krakow.pl/article/gallery-lessons-for-school-groups


Lessons can be booked by email: warsztaty@mck.krakow.pl

Project Coordinator:

Angelika Radoń

Tel: 12 42 42 860, e-mail: a.radon@mck.krakow.pl



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